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8月 01, 2016

Very Short But Therefore Very Practical – DEUTSCH® Connectors

Murrelektronik's newly redesigned 2-pole DEUTSCH® connector (MDC06-2S) is a very compact connector – its only 18 mm long when plugged in. This new connector makes it easier than ever to make your connections, even in a confined space.

Murrelektronik's DEUTSCH® connector is pre-wired, molded and 100% electrically tested. There is no work to be done in the field, which saves time and reduces the risk of wiring errors. It’s UV and oil resistant PUR jacket means there are no extra steps to be taken to protect the wires while the molded connection keeps water and dirt from the internal wiring. Another feature is the strain relief that reduces the risk of a failure because of a wire break.

Finally, connector head is equipped with a connection for attaching a conduit retainer. These features all combine to make Murrelektronik's fully molded DEUTSCH® connector an excellent solution for both mobile hydraulics and truck building.

Murrelektronik's DEUTSCH® connector is also available with an integrated LED. The .75mm2 wire cross section prevents large voltage drops, even with long cables. The connector models with suppression are suitable for vehicle voltages ranging from 12 and 24V while the connectors without suppression are suitable for vehicle voltages for up to 230V. The Murrelektronik Deutsch connectors are IPIP68/66K rated and are able to withstand both shock and vibration.

Tailor-made cables
DEUTSCH® connectors are available with your choice of open-ended wires or as a connection cable with a DEUTSCH® connector, Junior Timer, M12 or valve connector on the other end. Lengths from 0.2 up to 1.5m are available in 30cm steps, while longer cables (up to 100m) are available in 50cm steps. All are available for order in single pieces.