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10月 27, 2017

Murrelektronik at the SPS IPC DRIVES Trade Show 2017

At this year’s SPS IPC DRIVES, Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation from November 28 – 30, 2017, in Nuremberg, Germany, Murrelektronik, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art technology and custom solutions for complex automated industrial systems, will present new products and solutions in Hall 9 at Booth 325.

Regardless if you’re looking for network technology, IO-Link, decentralized installations, safety, power supply concepts, or solutions pioneering Industry 4.0, Murrelektronik has plenty of innovations to be discovered.

At this year’s show, Murrelektronik offers you the future-oriented network technology solution: the managed switch. The product is an extremely compact IP67 switch, certified by UL and Profinet, can be configured by TIA Portal and other controls, and features automatic device naming. By reducing the need to set Profinet address parameters, Murrelektronik’s network technology solutions embody the “plug and play” slogan. Murrelektronik’s managed switches focus on optimizing costs by featuring automatic topology recognition, the best network diagnostics, and will help increase system runtimes.

At the SPS trade show, Murrelektronik is exhibiting for the first time SOLID67. The new compact IO multiprotocol modules have the ability to switch Ethernet I/P and Profinet protocols via rotary switch. In order to provide the flexibility machine builders need, the IO-Link module makes it easy to connect with IO-Link devices in the field. With a compact size of 30 or 60 mm the modules have a metal housing that is completely potted and can be used in rough environments.

Also new is Murrelektronik’s IO-Link inductive coupler which transfers both power and bidirectional communication signals. This is the perfect solution for moving applications or where functions are plugged in and out frequently because the coupler enables contact-free power and signal transmission without the wear-and-tear.

Safety – for both your team and the workpieces - is an essential topic for Murrelektronik. Offering passive safety technology up to Performance Level d and multiple safety circuits, the wide range of products allow easier machine or system engineering phases and simpler installations. This year in Nuremberg, Murrelektronik presents an IO-Link passive safety hub. Featuring top diagnostics, the hub can be implemented universally and has galvanically separated actuator power in order to shut off safe outputs up to Performance Level d.

Murrelektronik meets all your power supply needs and with the power supply concepts they’re presenting at the SPS trade show, you’ll find the right solution for your application, all from a single source. Transformers, power supplies, buffer and redundancy modules, and current monitoring systems feature benefits like worldwide approvals, maximum availability and preventative diagnostics. Murrelektronik is also home to one of the most innovative IP67 power supplies on the market: the Emparro67 Hybrid, for on-machine power available with IO-Link. The Emaprro family now includes a heavy duty version which is ready for applications under extreme environments, like on spreaders. Also new is the Emparro ACCUcontrol is a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) module that switches over to battery operation during any power failure to secure the power supply necessary so systems aren’t affected.
At the automation trade show, Murrelektronik shows how easy it is to “plug and play.” Decentralized installations provide reliable and cost-effective solutions while freeing up valuable space both in the cabinet and the field. In the arena of passive installations, the distribution box certified by ATEX for use in Zone 2 internationally allows easy decentralization in explosive areas.  Murrelektronik’s I/O system Cube67 creates decentralized systems and allows you to switch between protocols without having to change your entire I/O system by replacing only the fieldbus module. New in the Cube67 family are the modules now available in hygienic design, perfect for all food & beverage manufacturing zones. The Cube67 modules can withstand IP69K environments and harsh chemical and pressure cleaning.

Murrelektronik is pioneering solutions for Industry 4.0 with their Cube diagnostic gateway that allows communication from the shop floor to the office floor with OPC UA, enabling all information from the Cube67 I/O system to be shared with the other Industry 4.0 levels.

About Murrelektronik GmbH
Murrelektronik GmbH a worldwide leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art technology and custom solutions for complex automated industrial systems, network protocols and machine connectivity. With 24 branch offices worldwide, the specialist you need is just a phone call away.

Visit Murrelektronik at the SPS IPC Drives in Hall 9 at Stand 325