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10月 11, 2018

Perfect harbor logistics with Emparro HD

In action 24/7

There are no breaks in a large harbor. Around the clock, container ships are loaded and unloaded again after their voyages across the sea. These logistics centers compete against one another and are measured by key performance numbers like number of container incidents.

The people who work at the port are hard workers. They have to trust that the equipment will work reliably. The harbor cranes and the spreader, which access and move the heavy containers, must work continuously - the processes in logistics are meticulously planned. When cranes stop working it this quickly leads to chain reactions of back up and negative economic consequences. Therefore, harbors are interested in reducing the downtime to a minimum.

The power supply must not become the bottleneck. At some container hubs, the spreaders are powered by switch-mode power supply Emparro HD by Murrelektronik. It is designed for applications where the switch-mode power supply is housed in the cabinet but is still exposed to diverse environmental influences. This is the case with equipment operations, material handling - or near spreaders or for example on construction cranes.

The advantage of Emparro HD is that it works reliably; even during icy conditions as winds blow over the harbor, as well as during heat and intense sunlight. If lightning strikes nearby, the surge protector absorbs this disturbance. Environmental influences do not affect the lifetime of the module. The inner components of the switch-mode power supply are fully encapsulated and thus well protected. Even the intense shock and vibration influences that inevitably occur while transporting containers that can weigh up to 27 tons and are moved at heights of up to 40 meters, don't affect the Emparro HD.

And if maintenance is necessary? We've ensured that all manual maintenance can be done quickly and easily, if replacing a module is ever required. For example, the terminals are designed so that they can be operated even when wearing gloves. This makes it possible to put the cranes back into operation, because... there is no breaks in a large harbor.