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11月 27, 2018

Maximum Power

The powerful fieldbus modules MVK Metal and Impact67 from Murrelektronik are now also available with M12 power ports (L-coded). This opens a whole new range of advantages!

MVK Metal and Impact67 from Murrelektronik

The power cordsets carry high levels of current, up to 16 A, making it possible to connect many sensors and actuators with high energy requirement – without needing an additional power supply. Compared to the 7/8” port solution, with a maximum rating of 9 A, the M12 Power port gains a 77% increase in the ability to carry electrical current. The power supply can also be looped across several modules. This simplifies installation and reduces the length of cables needed.

The new modules are fit for the future: PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET international) has defined the M12 power connectors (L-coded) as the power connection technology of the future.

The M12 connectors are smaller and more compact than 7/8" connectors. This opens up more space in installations. The functional ground is no longer looped through several modules. Instead EMC interferences are discharged on site - using grounding straps from Murrelektronik. This prevents interferences from accumulating.

Using ports and maximum power

The IO-Link ports on the master modules are multifunctional. They can be used for IO-Link sensors and actuators and as traditional inputs and outputs. A module collects a wide range of signal types. For each IO-Link port, an additional power supply with 1 A is available. IO-Link devices with high energy requirements can be supplied with power directly to the module without the need for lateral power supply.

High performance

These modules are suitable for applications with Fast StartUp (500 ms), Conformance Class C (IRT), Shared Device and Netload Class III. There is nothing to prevent their use in applications in which maximum power and absolute reliability are required.

Easy parameter setting

IODD on Board enables parameter setting in a whole new and fast way. This feature is ideal for integrating IO-Link devices into installation systems. The advantages: fast integration, short commissioning times, yet maximum flexibility.

Reduced installation costs

“With our new fieldbus modules, incorporating M12 power technology that’s L coded, we are able to deliver a lot of energy to machine and plant installations. This enables more sensors and actuators to be supplied with power via just one wire, even if they have high energy requirements. This makes it possible to get rid of some lateral power supplies and this in turn reduces the time and cost of installation.”

Michael Greiner, Senior Product Manager Fieldbus Compact

Easy diagnostics without complicated programming

MVK Metal and Impact67 work together perfectly with IO-Link hubs from Murrelektronik. They multiply not only the number of inputs and outputs, but also simplify diagnostics as much as possible. They provide unique information without requiring any programming whatsoever, for metal hubs, and even for each individual channel.

That's how easy it is: All diagnostic information (e.g. short-circuit) is coded via the GSDML file in plain text diagnostics. When an error occurs, the IO-Link-Events supplied by the hub are converted by the master modules to the corresponding PROFINET diagnostics. They can be transmitted and displayed by the control as plain text information by means of GSDML, without the need for complicated programming. This saves time and eliminates the risk of programing mistakes.



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